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Recent Releases

Cleaning Authority of Plainfield to Pay $15,000 to Resolve EEOC Disability Suit - 1/27/2015 

Cynthia Gilliam Pierre Named Chief Operating Officer of EEOC - 1/27/2015 

EEOC Nombra a Robbie Dix Director del Programa de Revision de Apelaciones de la Agencia - 1/26/2015 

Hot Wheel City Will Pay $20,000 to Resolve EEOC Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit - 1/26/2015 

EEOC Names Robbie Dix Director of Agency’s Federal Appellate Review Programs - 1/26/2015 

Ruby Tuesday Sued by EEOC for Sex Discrimination - 1/22/2015 

Mims Distributing Company to Pay $50,000 Lawsuit to Settle EEOC Religious Discrimination Lawsuit - 1/20/2015 

Jury in EEOC Suit Says Old Dominion Freight Line Must Pay Former Driver $119,612 for Disability Bias - 1/16/2015 

Acoso Laboral Sigue Siendo un Gran Problema Dicen Expertos en Reunion de la EEOC - 1/14/2015 

Workplace Harassment Still a Major Problem Experts Tell EEOC at Meeting - 1/14/2015 

Charlotte Burrows Sworn In as EEOC Commissioner - 1/13/2015 

EEOC Sues Triangle Catering for Religious Discrimination - 1/13/2015 

Charlotte Burrows Juramentada Como Comisionada de la EEOC - 1/13/2015 

EEOC Demanda A Triangle Catering por Discriminación Religiosa - 1/13/2015 

EEOC Anuncia 'Mensaje de la Presidenta’ en Línea - 1/9/2015 

EEOC Demanda a DHD Ventures Y Empresas Afiliadas por Acoso Racial y Represalias - 1/9/2015 

EZEFLOW USA, Inc. Will Pay $65,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit - 1/9/2015 

EEOC Sues DHD Ventures and Affiliated Companies for Racial Harassment and Retaliation - 1/9/2015 

EEOC Announces "Chair's Message" Online - 1/9/2015 

EZEFLOW USA, Inc. Pagará $65,000 Para Resolver Demanda por Discriminación A Base De Discapacidad Por La EEOC - 1/9/2015