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"Today is not about me or about monetary compensation. Today is a win for everyone who has Multiple Sclerosis. MS changed my life forever, and I hope that this case changes the lives of others in the workforce with MS - for the positive."

Randall Hurst,
EEOC v. Benny Boyd Lubbock


Randall wanted an opportunity to make a better life for his family. Lured away from another local car dealership by the Benny Boyd Lubbock dealership, Randall joined the company as a general manager with a promise of partnership. All that changed when Randall was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Somehow his medical condition was disclosed without his consent to management. After that, he was harassed by his supervisor, who asked Randall if he was "a cripple" and told Randall his job was in jeopardy because he had MS.

Eventually, because of the harassment and lack of a promotion, Randall resigned. He filed a charge with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). After investigating his charge and failing to reach a voluntary resolution with the employer, EEOC filed suit against Benny Boyd Lubbock alleging discrimination in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The company settled the suit for damages, back pay, and significant changes to the company's policies.