U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Milestones: 1985

  • Congress amends the Age Discrimination in Employment Act to provide employees' spouses ages 65 through 69 the same treatment under group health plans as employees' spouses under age 65.
  • The Commission issues an administrative decision that polygamy is not a religious practice protected by Title VII.
  • The Commission resolves EEOC v. Allstate Insurance Company through a consent decree. At issue in this Equal Pay case was whether Allstate paid a lower guaranteed minimum salary to females than to males for performing the identical job (sales agent). Under the consent decree, Allstate pays $5 million to approximately 3,200 female victims.
  • The Commission settles a sex discrimination suit against Teachers Insurance and Annuity Equities Fund. This suit results in recalculating pension benefits in a "sex neutral manner" for over 800,000 female workers.

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