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Recent Releases

Antonella’s Restaurant & Pizzeria to Pay $50,000 to Settle EEOC National Origin Discrimination Suit - 6/22/2017 

EEOC Holds Conversation With Society of Human Resource Management Foundation VP Tina Sung - 6/22/2017 

EEOC Sues Atlas Resource Partners for Age Bias - 6/15/2017 

HospitalityStaff To Pay $30,000 To Settle EEOC Religious Discrimination Lawsuit - 6/14/2017 

Age Discrimination and Outdated Views Of Older Workers Persist, Experts Tell Commission - 6/14/2017 

City Colleges of Chicago Will Pay $60,000 To Settle EEOC Age Discrimination Lawsuit - 6/14/2017 

Stemilt Growers and Ag Services Sued By EEOC For Sexual Harassment, Retaliation - 6/13/2017 

EEOC Sues Heritage Bank For Paying Women Less Than Men - 6/12/2017 

G4S Youth Services Sued by EEOC For Pay Discrimination - 6/12/2017 

Kentucky Fried Chicken Sued By EEOC For Disability Discrimination - 6/12/2017 

EEOC Sues Apple Metro Restaurant Chain for Sex Discrimination & Retaliation - 6/9/2017 

Scottsdale Car Dealership to Pay $45,000 To Settle Disability Discrimination Lawsuit - 6/8/2017 

EEOC to Examine Age Discrimination at Commission Meeting - 6/6/2017 

EEOC Files Suit against Big Lots Stores for Disability Discrimination and Retaliation - 6/6/2017 

Prince George’s To Pay $145,402 And Increase Female Engineer’s Salary To Settle EEOC Pay Bias Suit - 6/5/2017 

EEOC Awarded $118,483 Judgment against Receivable Management for Pregnancy Discrimination - 6/2/2017 

EEOC Sues Favorite Farms for Sexual Harassment, Including Rape, And Retaliation - 5/31/2017 

UPCO Will Pay $106,000 For Disability Discrimination - 5/31/2017 

Local 100 Of United Labor Unions Sued By EEOC For Race Discrimination - 5/31/2017 

Rosebud Restaurants to Pay $1.9 Million to Settle EEOC Race Discrimination Suit - 5/30/2017