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July 2007


To : Multi-establishment Private Employers

From : EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee

Subject : Computer Printed EEO-1 Reports – Required Format (Rev. 3/2007)

This is the latest revision of the EEOC-approved specifications to be used by multi-establishment companies to file the Employer Information Report EEO-1 as computer printouts.

Submission of the EEO-1 report as computer printouts is a Special Reporting Procedure (SPR) as provided for in Section 709(c), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.

Approval Process

Prior to final implementation, employers must submit a minimum of three test printouts, i.e. Headquarters Report-Type 3 and two Establishment Report –Type 4’s that are not in the same city, for our review and written approval. Test computer printouts in a PDF format may be emailed to or faxed to the EEO-1 Coordinator at 202.663.7185. Please direct all questions concerning EEO-1 computer printouts to the EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee at 866.286.6440 (toll-free) or the email address cited above.

Basic Requirements for Computer Printouts

  1. The original and one (1) copy of the report must be submitted.

  2. The font or point size may not be less than nine (9) points.

  3. The preferred paper size is 8 ½” x 11”. Larger, not smaller paper is acceptable.

  4. There may only be one (1) report per page and on only one (1) side of the page.

  5. The report pages must be sequentially numbered from ‘1 to N’.

  6. All multi-establishment company must submit: (a) only one (1) Consolidated Report; (2) only one Headquarters Report; and one (1) or more Establishment Report (one report for each location employing 50 or more employees).

  7. The Establishment List of locations employer fewer than 50 employees, as specified in the EEO-1 instructions, must be computer generated, as well, and indicate the total Establishment List employment on the last page of the list.

EEO-1 reports submitted as computer printouts must be formatted exactly as in the attached layout – No Exceptions. All designated data fields must be displayed and identified. All variations will be unacceptable.

Layout Explanatory Notes

  1. Name and Code of Report Type (third line of heading)

    The type of report and its corresponding numeric code must be correctly indicated exactly as indicated in the layout on each page of the report. Choose the appropriate subtitle from the list below:

    1. consolidated report-type 2 (only one)

    2. headquarters report-type 3 (only one)

    3. establishment report-type 4 (one or more for each location employing 50 or more employees).

    4. establishment report-type 9 (one or more each location employing 50 or more employees reported for the first time in the current’s year’s EEO-1 survey).

    5. establishment report-type 8 (one or more for each establishment employing fewer than 50 employees); or

    6. establishment list (list of locations employing fewer than 50 employees, including each such establishment’s name, complete address and total number of employees).

  2. Questions Requiring a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Answer

    All questions requiring a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer must be indicated as ‘Y’ for Yes, or ‘N’ for No.

  3. Company/Unit Numbers

    The Company Number (CO=XXXXXX-X) and Unit Number (U=XXXXXX-X) previously assigned by the EEOC to the headquarters establishment (Type 3 report), establishments employing 50 or more employees (Type 4 reports) and establishments employing fewer than 50 employees (Type 8 reports) must be indicated on each report in their designated fields.

    To assist you with correct Unit Number assignments, print a copy of your company’s Unit Listing at EEO-1 computer printouts with missing or incorrect Unit Numbers will be returned for correction. The Unit Number field will be blank for establishments reported for the first time in the current year’s EEO-1 survey. The report type for all such reports must be indicated as ‘establishment report-type 9’.

  4. Section B-Company Identification

    The parent company name and address must be indicated in item no. 1 on each page of the report. The official name and valid address of the reporting establishment must be indicated in item no. 2.a. Do not indicate the city of the reporting establishment as the establishment name.

  5. Section C-Test for Filing Requirement

    Questions 1, 2 and 3 must be answered on each report. Indicate the DUNS Number, if the company has one, on each report.

  6. Section-Establishment Information

    A brief, but precise description in words of the major business activity for each establishment report (Type 4 and Type 8 reports) must be indicated. The description must indicate the business activity involves manufacturing, retail trade, wholesale trade, services, etc.

    On the Headquarters Report-Type 3, indicate the overall major business activity of the company. Do not indicate ‘Administrative Office’, Corporate Office, etc. The overall business activity of a company is that activity at which the most employees work.

Attachment: Multi-Establishment Print Specifications