U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


  1. The EEO-1 Report is to be submitted and certified by Wednesday, September 30th, 2015.
  2. Single-establishment companies file a type/status 1 report only.
  3. Multi-establishment companies have to file three report types:
    1. Consolidated Report (type 2)-must include all employees of the company categorized by race, gender, and job category.
    2. Headquarters Report (type 3)-must include all employees that work at or report to the main office site of the company. Employment data must be categorized by race, gender, and job category. A separate EEO-1 report is required for the HQ establishment even if there are fewer than 50 employees that work there. HQ reports are allowed to have 0 employment.
    3. Sites with more than 50 employees-type/status 4 report also called an establishment report must be submitted for eachlocation with 50 or more employees. Employment data must be categorized by race, gender, and job category.
    4. Sites with fewer than 50 employees-
      1. Type/Status 6-establishment list-establishment name, address and total number of employees for each location with less than 50 employees

      2. OR
      3. Type/Status 8-employment data for each location must be categorized by race, gender, and job category.

        Type 6 reports require you to MANUALLY enter categorized employment data into the consolidated report, whereas type 8 reports will update it automatically for you.

  4. Certification of the EEO-1 report is absolutely essential. Without certifying your report, you will be sent a violation notice.
  5. When completing the EEO-1, use data from only one pay period and include both part-time and full-time employees. The survey does not require applicant data.
  6. When you finish your EEO-1, please don't forget to print or save a .pdf copy for your company's records.
  7. The preferred method of identification for the race/ethnicity categorization of employment data is self-identification. Employers are required to attempt to allow employees to use self-identification to complete the EEO-1. If employees do not self-identify, the company must report employees using visual observation.
  8. Returning filers: please be advised that companies are able to obtain and reset passwords. This is new for the 2015 EEO-1 survey.
  9. Companies must provide Employer Identification Numbers for all establishment locations.

Submission of the EEO-1 online is highly preferred and all data is encrypted, ensuring your security.

If your company would like for ORIP/EEOC to provide training on the EEO-1 survey, please contact the EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee at 1-866-286-6440 (toll-free) or email e1.techassistance@eeoc.govSubject: Training