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EEOC Coordination of Federal Government Equal Employment Opportunity

Federal laws concerning workplace discrimination are enforced by different Federal agencies. Unless the government speaks with one voice on matters of employment nondiscrimination, workers may be confused as to what rights they have and how to protect them and employers may be uncertain of their obligations and how to voluntarily comply with their legal duties.

The EEOC is responsible for coordinating the Federal government's employment non-discrimination effort. The EEOC is required to review regulations and other EEO policy-related documents before they are issued to ensure consistency in the Federal government's effort to combat workplace discrimination.

Under Executive Order 12067, EEOC has responsibility for enforcing all Federal EEO laws and the duty to coordinate and lead the Federal government's effort to eradicate workplace discrimination.

How EEOC Leads and Coordinates
Implementing Executive Order 12067 and other EEOC actions

Memoranda of Understanding
Coordinating EEO Enforcement where EEOC and other Federal Agencies have overlapping EEO responsibilities

How Other Agencies Address Civil Rights Issues