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Federal Sector Appellate Decisions

Employment discrimination complaints in the federal government are handled by the agency involved. If the individual who filed the complaint does not agree with the agency's decision, he or she can file an appeal with the EEOC. For more information about the federal sector process, please see Facts About Federal Sector Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Processing Regulations (29 CFR Part 1614)

EEOC decisions in these appeals from July, 2000 are available here.

Note: Because charges outside the federal government are handled differently, there is no private sector equivalent to these decisions.

How to Locate Decisions

If you know the EEOC appeal number of the specific decision you are trying to locate, enter it below, after the inurl: search operator. Do not add a space before the appeal number.


If you are looking for decisions on a particular topic, or decisions citing a specific appeal, you may enter words or phrases related to that topic, or that appeal number, as search terms. Please note that there are some decisions not currently available; we are working to complete the collection.



Selected Noteworthy Federal Sector Appellate Decisions

Many noteworthy federal appellate decisions are frequently used as a part of the Commission's outreach and training efforts. To help the public identify those decisions, the Commission has decided to assign randomly generated first names and initials, along with a brief summary of the decisions to the cases. Our previous practice was to refer to the appellant as "Complainant" and replaces referring to the cases as "Complainant v Federal Agency." We will update the list periodically with the most recently issued decisions.