The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Appendix I EEO-MD-110


The Counselor should determine whether the individual has appeal rights for the appealable actions listed below.

     Part      Action

     302       Denial of restoration after recovery from
               compensable injury of an excepted service employee

     315       Termination during probation (under limited

     317       Certain involuntary reassignments or demotions
               connected with conversions to Senior Executive

     330       Improper application of re-employment priority

     351       Reduction-in-force

     352       Denial of re-employment rights under various

     353       Denial of restoration following military duty;
               recovery of competitive service employees from
               certain injuries 

     432       Reduction-in-grade and removal based on
               unacceptable performance

     531       Denial of within-grade increases

     731       Adverse suitability determinations

     752       Adverse actions by agencies
               -- Removal
               -- Suspensions for more than 14 days
               -- Reduction-in-grade (demotion)
               -- Furloughs for 30 days or less

     831       All adverse retirement decisions of OPM except
               termination of annuity payments

     930       Adverse actions involving administrative law judges

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