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General Information:

Name of the agency being charged with discrimination:  
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Location of the duty station or local facility in which the complaint arose:  
Has a final action been taken by the agency, an Arbitrator, FLRA, or MSPB on this complaint? _____Yes;  Date Received ____________(Remember to attach a copy)
_____This appeal alleges a breach of settlement agreement
Has a complaint been filed on this same matter with the EEOC, another agency, or through any other administrative or collective bargaining procedures? _____No
____Yes (Indicate the agency or procedure, complaint/docket number, and attach a copy, if appropriate)
Has a civil action (lawsuit) been filed in connection with this complaint? _____No
_____Yes (Attach a copy of the civil action filed)

NOTICE: Please attach a copy of the final decision or order from which you are appealing. If a hearing was requested, please attach a copy of the agency's final order and a copy of the EEOC Administrative Judge's decision. Any comments or brief in support of this appeal MUST be filed with the EEOC and with the agency within 30 days of the date this appeal is filed. The date the appeal is filed is the date on which it is postmarked, hand delivered, or faxed to the EEOC at the address above.

Signature of complainant or complainant's representative:  


EEOC Form 573 REV 1/01


(This form is covered by the Privacy Act of 1974. Public Law 93-597. Authority for requesting the personal data and the use thereof are given below.)

  1. FORM NUMBER/TITLE/DATE: EEOC Form 573, Notice of Appeal/Petition, January 2001
  2. AUTHORITY: 42 U.S.C. § 2000e-16
  3. PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: The purpose of this questionnaire is to solicit information to enable the Commission to properly and efficiently adjudicate appeals filed by Federal employees, former Federal employees, and applicants for Federal employment.
  4. ROUTINE USES: Information provided on this form will be used by Commission employees to determine: (a) the appropriate agency from which to request relevant files; (b) whether the appeal is timely; (c) whether the Commission has jurisdiction over the issue(s) raised in the appeal, and (d) generally, to assist the Commission in properly processing and deciding appeals. Decisions of the Commission are final administrative decisions, and, as such, are available to the public under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. Some information may also be used in depersonalized form as a data base for statistical purposes.
  5. WHETHER DISCLOSURE IS MANDATORY OR VOLUNTARY AND EFFECT ON INDIVIDUAL FOR NOT PROVIDING INFORMATION: Since your appeal is a voluntary action, you are not required to provide any personal information in connection with it. However, failure to supply the Commission with the requested information could hinder timely processing of your case, or even result in the rejection or dismissal of your appeal.

Send your appeal to:

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Office of Federal Operations
P.O. Box 77960
Washington, D.C. 20013

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