U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Instructions to Federal Agencies for
Equal Employment Opportunity Management Directive 715
(EEO MD-715)

Table of Contents


SECTION I: The Model EEO Program

The Model EEO Program

Self-Assessment Checklist

SECTION II: Barrier Identification and Elimination

Self-Assessment: Barrier Identification and Elimination

Analyzing Employment Processes

SECTION III: Reporting Requirements and Line-by-line Instructions

General Reporting Requirements, Format and Due Date and Overview

Line-by-line Instructions for EEOC FORM 715-01

FORM 715-01 PART A: Department or Agency Identifying Information

FORM 715-01 PART B: Total Employment

FORM 715-01 PART C: Agency Official(s) Responsible for Oversight of EEO Program(s)

FORM 715-01 PART D: List of Subordinate Components Covered in This Report

FORM 715-01 PART E: Executive Summary

FORM 715-01 PART F: Certification of Establishment of Continuing Equal Employment Opportunity Programs

FORM 715-01 PART G: Agency Self-Assessment Checklist Measuring Essential Elements

FORM 715-01 PART H: EEO Plan For Attaining the Essential Elements of a Model EEO Program

FORM 715-01 PART I: EEO Plan To Eliminate Identified Barrier

FORM 715-01 PART J: Special Program Plan for the Recruitment, Hiring, and Advancement of Individuals with Targeted Disabilities

Blank Set of EEOC FORM 715-01 Parts A - J

Guidance for Completing the EEOC FORM 715-01 Workforce Data Tables

Workforce Data Tables