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Federal Sector EEO Portal (FedSEP)

Pursuant to EEOC regulations, 29 C.F.R. §§1614.601(g) and 1614.602(a), agencies shall report to the Commission on (1) employment by race, national origin, sex, and disability as well as (2) the status, processing, and disposition of counseling and complaints at such times and in such manner as the Commission prescribes.

The Federal Sector EEO Portal (FedSEP) is the Commission's online data system that allows agencies to submit their affirmative employment plans (MD-715 report), complaint processing data (Form 462),  and complaint files for hearings and appellate cases (Hearings and Appeals).  In addition, FedSEP will offer agencies the opportunity to communicate with the Commission as well as other agencies. At the present time, FedSEP offers: (1) MD-715 data collection; and (2) Form 462 data collection. The EEOC plans to integrate into FedSEP the ability for agencies to send complaint related files electronically to the EEOC for Hearings and Appeals.

The first step to gaining access to FedSEP is for the agency's EEO Director to register with the system. Any number of agency personnel can register in FedSEP. After validating the identity of the EEO Director, the Commission will approve the registration request. Subsequently, the EEO Director will have the authority to approve registration requests for all other agency personnel. The EEO Director, however, may designate a person to act as a Registration Administrator for MD-715 or a 462 Administrator for Form 462, who can then approve requests.  FedSEP User Guide and Training videos are available on FedSEP.

FedSEP is a Government-to-Government (G2G) application.  FedSEP is not intended as a portal for use by Federal complainants or their counsel seeking to file a complaint or an appeal.

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