U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EEOC List of Guidance Documents in response to Office of Management and Budget Final Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices

The following list of documents meets the requirements contained in the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Final Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices, 72 Fed. Reg. 3432 (Jan. 25, 2007), and the further clarifications provided in OMB Memorandum M-07-13, available at under the heading Good Guidance Practices.

New Compliance Manual Section 15: Race and Color Discrimination (4/19/2006)

New Compliance Manual Section 13: National Origin Discrimination (12/2/2002)

Revised Enforcement Guidance: Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship Under the ADA (revised 10/17/2002 - This revised version replaces the original 3/1/1999 Guidance)

Enforcement Guidance: Application Of The ADA To Contingent Workers Placed By Temporary Agencies And Other Staffing Firms (12/2/2000)

New Compliance Manual Section 10: Compensation Discrimination (12/5/2000)

New Compliance Manual Section 3: Employee Benefits (10/3/2000, revised in part, 8/20/2001. The 2001 revision deleted § IV(b) of the original document)

Enforcement Guidance: Disability-Related Inquiries and Medical Examinations of Employees Under the ADA (7/27/2000)

New Compliance Manual Section 2: Threshold Issues (5/12/2000, revised in part, 7/21/2005. The 2005 revision replaced § 2-IV.C of the original document).

Instructions for Field Offices: Analyzing ADA Charges After Supreme Court Decisions Addressing "Disability" and "Qualified" (7/26/99)

Enforcement Guidance: Vicarious Employer Liability for Unlawful Harassment by Supervisors (6/21/1999)

New Compliance Manual Section 8: Retaliation (5/20/1998)

Enforcement Guidance: Application of EEO Laws to Contingent Workers Placed by Temporary Employment Agencies and Other Staffing Firms (12/3/1997)

Enforcement Guidance: Non-Waivable Employee Rights under EEOC Enforced Statutes (4/10/1997)

Enforcement Guidance: The ADA and Psychiatric Disabilities (3/25/1997)

Enforcement Guidance: Workers' Compensation and the ADA (9/3/1996)

Enforcement Guidance: Whether "Testers" Can File Charges and Litigate Claims of Employment Discrimination 5/22/1996)

The Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (11/1995)

Enforcement Guidance: Preemployment Disability-Related Questions and Medical Examinations (10/10/1995)

Interim Enforcement Guidance on the Application of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to Disability-based Distinctions in Employer Provided Health Insurance (6/8/1993)

Enforcement Guidance: Compensatory and Punitive Damages Available under § 102 of the Civil Rights Act of 1991 (7/14/1992)

Policy Guidance: The Consideration of Arrest Records in Employment Decisions under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (9/7/1990)

Policy Statement on the Use of Statistics in Charges Involving the Exclusion of Individuals with Conviction Records from Employment (7/29/1987)

Policy Statement on the Issue of Conviction Records under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (2/4/1987)

If you would like to submit comments concerning any of these documents, you may send an email to Please provide your name and address in the e-mail. This address also accepts requests for the EEOC to issue, reconsider, modify, or rescind a guidance document to this email address. Pursuant to the OMB final Bulletin on Agency Good Guidance Practices and OMB Memorandum M-07-13, the EEOC has discretion over whether to respond to comments. Complaints that the EEOC is not following the procedures set forth in the Final Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices, or is improperly treating a document from this list as a binding requirement, also may be sent to this address.