U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Proposed Subregulatory Guidance Documents

Proposed subregulatory guidance documents communicate policy positions the Commission is proposing on important legal issues. These documents are approved by a majority of the Commissioners for the purpose of seeking public input, but they do not establish Commission policy until the Commission approves the final version by a majority vote.

When considering the development of subregulatory guidance, the Commission may hold a public meeting to hear testimony from witnesses, including experts in the issue being examined. Since June 2011, the Commission has also left the meeting record open for 15 days to allow further public input on the topic.

Where obtaining further public input will aid the Commission's development of a guidance document, the Commission has expanded the tools available to obtain feedback by publishing draft guidance on for public input.  

The Commission has proposed the following subregulatory guidance document:

The public is invited to submit input about the proposed Enforcement Guidance on Harassment via Alternatively, members of the public may send written feedback to: Public Input, EEOC, Executive Officer, 131 M Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20507.  Please provide input in narrative form and do not submit redlined versions of the guidance document. Input will be posted publicly on, so please do not include personal information that you do not want made public, such as your home address or telephone number. The deadline for submission of public input is March 21, 2017.

After reviewing the public input, the Commission will consider appropriate revisions to the proposed guidance before finalizing it.